Angel Therapy

Finding comfort in the wings of the Angels and Archangels! Angels are beings of pure Light. They originate from God and are like caretakers of the Universe. Archangels are at the peak of the angel hierarchy, more like managers of the angel world. It is a non-denominational system, meaning people from any religion can connect […]

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Bach Flowers

Using Nature’s Healing Powers Nature has a remedy for all of man’s maladies. Dr. Edward Bach recognized this and formulated natural remedies using wildflowers found in the British Countryside. The magic of these is that they are suitable for humans and animals alike. They are gentle and non-addictive but work at a very deep level.

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Lama Fera

Healing with the Enlightened One himself! Would you believe me, if I tell you that Lord Buddha himself could heal you? Probably not. If you experience it yourself, you would probably tell others your magical healing story!Lama Fera is a powerful, pure and sacred healing system, because I connect directly to Lord Buddha, and channel

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Using the infinite potential of your Mind! First, let me put you at ease. Let me say it loud and clear – hypnosis is SAFE and you DON’T get hypnotised without your own permission. It is nothing like it is shown in the movies and you are in control. And you are in my safe

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Life Coaching

“Let me hold your hand, leading you to your Highest Potential.” Of my many credentials, one of the closest things to my heart is being a Life Coach. It gives me so much joy to see people come out of their limited mindset and grow to become healthy and successful individuals.We all need people to

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Reprogramming yourself inside-out and outside-in! Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific, New Age technique that focuses on your communication, personality, and overall approach to things. It involves analyzing successful individuals and using their techniques to achieve our personal goals.Whether it is your business or your workplace, we all want to be successful. What better

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Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki..!! The word Karuna is a beautiful word in Sanskrit, which means ‘compassionate action’ or any action that reduces the suffering of people. And compassion can truly change the world. It is a quality of the Divine, which wants us all to heal, and help others heal. As you work towards, helping others, your

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Reiki Shiki Ryoho The Universe underpins you in your Healing.  The Universe is an ocean of energies, which are accessible to us all, for our own healing and growth. A Reiki practitioner is someone who channels the energy of the Universe and directs it in a focused way to any person, place, intention or area.

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Vastu Numerology

“Each spot has its own knowledge.” Vastu Numerology..!! India is a land brimming with metaphysical wisdom – some we know commonly, and others that are hidden from those who don’t understand how to use it wisely. However, all the branches are connected to each other, like the organs of a body. Ultimately it all leads

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