Access Consciousness

“When you are willing to function from more Consciousness, you begin to open the doors to all change and healing.”
~Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness.

What if you could change the thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you?
What if you could have more ease and joy for you and your body?
What if a simple body process could change you… AND the world?

Welcome to a whole new world, created by accessing your own consciousness! This system is simple, quick and effective – just as how we all like things to be.
During an Access Consciousness session, I run your Bars.  What are these Bars? 32 points on the head, which I gently touch – releasing thousands of limitations at a time, with total ease…Money, Control, Creativity, Ageing, Sexuality, Body, Joy, Sadness, Peace, Time, Space, Awareness, Kindness, Gratitude, Communication, and the list will go on.
Sometimes we hold a lot of baggage from our childhood, parents, society and even sometimes from multiple lifetimes. The Bars, when touched, release everything from the core. Can you imagine the impact that would create?
You are just one choice away from altering your life 360° – use that choice to book a session with me, now!

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