Akannksha Sharma

My story is simple yet extraordinary, conventional yet magical and I feel awed as how it has unfurled over the years. I am a Computer Science Graduate with a Post Graduation in Business Administration.

Like all of us, I too was living a typical rollercoaster life, facing physical and emotional upheavals, and having lost sense of purpose in my life. Six years ago, I was acquainted with one of the finest healing techniques called Reiki and I’m eternally gratedful to God and Guardian Angels for this beautiful gift. That was a defining moment in my life which drove me to the path of eternal spirituality. My transformational journey began with Reiki which helped in finding my life purpose and also started opening numerous enterways.
What I Do

“9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses of birth-chart, 27 nakshatras.”

“The difference between a house and a home, is the energy it holds”

“Reprogramming yourself inside-out and outside-in”

” A powerful technique for Healing with the enlightened one himself!”

“Finding Divine comfort and guidance in the wings of Angels and Archangels”

“You have to choose your possibilities, not lose your limitations – Gary Douglas”

“Using the power of magical flowers, to heal lifestyle issues, depression, anger etc”

“Reiki works on all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial”

“The universe is highly conscious, and it speaks in numbers and handwriting patterns”

Awards & Recognition

Akannksha Sharma is a well-known Transformational coach, NLP Coach, Gold medallist Astrologer, Vastu-Shastri, Numerologist, Reiki grandmaster of multi-modalities, Lama-Fera master and awards winner in many modalities. Over the last 8 years, she has helped many individuals and businesses with her varied skills and guided counselling sessions. Her main aim is to spread light and help people take charge of their life, help eliminate blocks and help them in living the best version of themselves.  

She has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and online portals & have also written articles spreading awareness about spirituality. She is also a Brand Ambassador and State Coordinator at ACFI.


Ever wanted proof that Angels exist? Well look no further than Akannksha. She is a living Angel walking amongst us. Not only because of the spiritual guidance she provides but her caring, compassionate and naturally loving nature is second to none. She has been such a source of light and refreshing peace, calm and logic to me. But don’t take my word for it. Get in touch with her and you will see for yourself. Thank you Akannksha for always going out of your way to support and guide. And all this, whilst we still have not even met in person... yet 🙏🏽 I feel so blessed that the universe allowed me to find you. God bless you as God has certainly blessed us with you.
Deon Pillay
United Kingdom
Hi Akannksha. I wanted to share my experience and journey with Reiki level 2. I feel truly and truly blessed to be doing reiki and self healing. 21days of practicing reiki level 2 just happened so easily with blessings from you and universe 🙏. And great motivation from dear fellow practitioner in this group ..Thanks to you all. I am experiencing more balance in my self and getting better understanding of handling things within and around me. It's like I am discovering a new myself now..:) . It's a joyful feeling.. difficult to express in words 😉 .. Thank you.. thank you ..for making it happen and with so much ease.
Sonali Bhasin
Hey Akannksha , would like to thank you and Angels for guiding us with my brother in law's case. His death was sudden and not natural, it came so hard for all of us. We were lost for past two months and after your session, it somehow made us so calm and content with the findings you told us. It really helped our family, can't thank you enough. Your readings helped us to connect with our brother in law and the cards guided us in the right direction. We were clueless, had no direction but now we know how to take those small steps slowly moving forward. Please continue this and keep on helping others like us
Akannksha ji, I watched the video and I believe that it is very useful and should be conducted by individuals seeking a solution to the challenges that confronts us on a daily basis. I shared this video with my friends and family, and I also urged my sick daughter to complete this routine. I'll be doing it myself. I'd want to thank you for your important time and work in contributing to society's well-being during this trying moment in our life. May our best wishes and blessings come to you and your wonderful family from South Africa.
South Africa
OH MY GOSH! I got one of the most eye opening bits of information EVER in my life last night. Akannksha Sharma did a birth chart and numerology for me. I'm telling you she gave me so much in detail information. Right down to the dates. She was able to identify when I started getting sick and why. NOW..the best part is she gave me fixes/mantras for things areas that are out of line. She even told me when I could see things start to look up. I have been friends with her many years and to see her spiritual growth is more than a blessing. To experience her gifts myself was such a heart warming and truly eye opening experience. I invite you to check out her page. She does live readings. She has multiple services she offers. Thank you so much Akannksha SS love you
Dawn Duranttos
Astrology makes every astrologer but if I have not seen anyone doing astrology reading and analysis like Akannksha Sharma Ma’am do. I have seen mostly astrologers doing predictions of the future and making you scared about the future, but ma’am explains you the whole kundali in details, also tells you the week points in the charts and which planet are currently playing role and creating issues/doshas. So that your present and future can be improved. I haven’t seen anyone doing so much detailed discussion and explanations till date. A lot of astrologers tell remedies by taking lots of money, and never ask you if you understood or they don’t even reply to msgs once they take money.
Shivam Dhingra
But Akannksha Ma’am takes feedback from you and asks you Whether you are following Remdies or not. She always stays in touch with clients even with her super hectic schedule. If you are having some problem even after Remedies or the session, she gives the best solutions and easy doable work which helps Eliminates Clients' Doubts. She provides Bija Mantra to calm your planet. if you want to ask anything about the stone, She guides very well with all the explanations and clarity. So overall experience while taking session or guidance with Akannksha Ma’am is fantastic and as far as I know her, nature wise also a very good person. Ma’am everything about your analysis and teachings are true. Here i am not saying bad and wrong for any other astrologer. If anyone feels bad about me, then I am extremely sorry. Thank you for detailed discussions, decisions and your guidance.
Shivam Dhingra
Hey Akannksha - it was a privilege to undergo 2-day REIKI FIRST DEGREE course on 22-23rd Sep under you. The course content was drafted really well and delivered in a very interactive and interesting way. You were incredibly patient in responding to all our questions. You had a very soothing operating style which made the WHOLE experience really engaging one. Your energy levels never dipped for a moment. There was lot to learn from the positive mindset you had & smile you carry. Overall I had a great learning experience and clearly a life changing moment. Thanks for everything
Akash Mohan
Since the time, I have joined your workshop, life has considerably got sorted for good. Your talks always make me think positive and Reiki energy motivates to remain positive. It has relaxed all my muscles and made me more patient with my kids....it has made me calm and sorted my life. My calmness reflects in my kids attitude as well. I need to work and practice more often to channelize my whole body... Thanks a ton to you for being such a patient mentor and an awesome teacher !!
Shweta B

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