Lama Fera

Healing with the Enlightened One himself!

Would you believe me, if I tell you that Lord Buddha himself could heal you? Probably not. If you experience it yourself, you would probably tell others your magical healing story!
Lama Fera is a powerful, pure and sacred healing system, because I connect directly to Lord Buddha, and channel his energy to you. I use sacred mantras to activate the energy and then allow it to flow to diseases, debts, issues or crises. I have used Lama Fera to address:
i. Lifestyle and chronic ailments
ii. Financial issues
iii. Psychic attacks and negativity
iv. Clearing spaces
v. Enhancing health and well-being
vi. Improving relationships
vii. Easing stress, tension, worries, anger and fear!
Each time I experience the healing energy, it transports me to a different world. What could be better than receiving Buddha’s divine energies!
Sign up for a healing session and feel the massive shifts in your being. In case you want to connect to Lord Buddha yourself, I am also a Lama Fera teacher. Let us open up a whole new world for you – one that is full of divine Love and Light.

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