Vastu Numerology

“Each spot has its own knowledge.”

Vastu Numerology..!!

India is a land brimming with metaphysical wisdom – some we know commonly, and others that are hidden from those who don’t understand how to use it wisely. However, all the branches are connected to each other, like the organs of a body. Ultimately it all leads back to the Divine.

One of the rare sciences is Vastu-Numerology.

Everyone is familiar with a Vastu Shastri who visits the property and examines it to be auspicious or inauspicious, or a Numerologist who delves into the significance of numbers. I do not need to visit your property to look at its energetic structure!

As I mentioned earlier, since all the sciences connect to each other beautifully. Using just your birthdate and name, I am able to analyze what your home or office or any other property looks like, and how it affects you, your family, or your business. Based on the chart drawn, I also suggest remedies to enhance the overall flow and vibrancy of the place.

Vastu-numerology has helped me look at locations, and suggest directions which need the most balancing. Get in touch to revamp your property, the energy way!

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