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Crystal Therapy

Crystals hold the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. They are used since aeons, across all civilizations and parts of the world.I think all major civilizations realized their power, and how they could assist us.Gemstones and Crystals are a part of the mineral kingdom of Earth and they are ‘conscious’ beings. Yes, you read it right.They […]

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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power” – Lao Tzu  I-Ching..!! This is one of my favorite divination tools from ancient China. It is the first one I started working with, when I began my spiritual journey and it paved the way for many, many more modalities. The I-Ching is based on the

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“Be cautious about what you state, you may very well get it.” Switchwords..!! Words hold so much power, whether we realize it or continue using them without thought. All cultures across the world have ‘blessings’ or ‘curses’, which are intentions expressed through words. Switchwords are words of power. They are one-word affirmations which have the

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“You see a deck of cards. I see the whole Universe.”  Tarot..!! Tarot readings continue to remain one of my most sought-after readings for a simple reason – they help you understand your unique journey, which we call life. Although it may seem how a pack of 78 cards can give such profound answers, it

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Samudrik Shastra

“Decode your personality.” Samudrik shastra..!! Samudrika Shastra is an old Vedic methodology that is utilized to examine the body, the face, and the hands. Samudrika Shastra means the ‘information on body features’.  The features of the body are not just skin deep – they reveal your deepest nature and destiny. They are indicators of your

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“Handwriting is an art. Graphology is science.” Graphology..!! Just like your fingerprints, your handwriting is unique – it reveals more about you than you think. Our handwriting is a by-product of so many factors. I am sure you must’ve noticed a change in your handwriting with your moods and over the years! It is influenced

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The Universe is highly conscious, and it speaks in numbers. Numerology..!! Think for a second, about your introduction to the world; your first day on Mother Earth. It was at a specific time as chosen by your Soul, and on a particular alignment of date-month-year. The Universe is highly conscious, and it speaks in numbers.

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