“You see a deck of cards. I see the whole Universe.” 


Tarot readings continue to remain one of my most sought-after readings for a simple reason – they help you understand your unique journey, which we call life. Although it may seem how a pack of 78 cards can give such profound answers, it is simply because they contain all the symbols, signs, and messages that you need for any question of yours. Tarot reflects the planets in the cosmos and the signs of the zodiac. It has ancient origins and has travelled across the globe, right from Egypt to Europe to what we know the world as today.

It is one of the most mystical as well as practical tools that you can use to answer questions ranging from your spiritual progress, to dealing with a situation that broke your heart. Over the years, I have done readings for all areas of life – health, relationships, finances, spirituality, romance…you name it!

How does this work?

When you ask me a question to ask the tarot, I shuffle whichever deck I feel drawn to, and lay down the cards instinctively, or using a fixed pattern, called a spread. I connect to the cards, along with my intuition, and get you the answers that you need. Tarot is also known to be a very honest divination tool. Sometimes, you may not like what you hear immediately – but that is exactly what you needed to know. It mirrors your deepest doubts, fears, aspirations and wishes, whether you are aware of them or not.

If you want to spin your Wheel of Fortune, and become the Magician in your own life, get in touch with me for a tarot reading!

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