Samudrik Shastra

“Decode your personality.”

Samudrik shastra..!!

Samudrika Shastra is an old Vedic methodology that is utilized to examine the body, the face, and the hands. Samudrika Shastra means the ‘information on body features’. 

The features of the body are not just skin deep – they reveal your deepest nature and destiny. They are indicators of your health and well-being. They also reflect your birth chart, and show how the planets are placed.

As part of Samudrika Shastra, I practice full-body reading, face-reading (physiognomy or Mukh Samudrika) and palm-reading (palmistry or Hasta Samudrika). A full body reading provides very deep information about the person, because it is the unique signature of a person; we are all a combination of different proportions and unique birthmarks. Face reading is done on the basis of the shape of your teeth, nose, eyes and their relative position to each other – it is a window to the soul. Everyone is familiar with palmistry, where the lines of the palm are studied, along with the type of hand, the mounts, and other characteristics which reveal the inclination of the person, their longevity, life partner, children, spiritual progress and so on.

I use Samudrika Shastra not only to analyze personalities, but also to help people shape up their lives to their fullest potential, which they might not be aware of. 

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