“Handwriting is an art. Graphology is science.”


Just like your fingerprints, your handwriting is unique – it reveals more about you than you think.

Our handwriting is a by-product of so many factors. I am sure you must’ve noticed a change in your handwriting with your moods and over the years! It is influenced by your posture, your body, the writing instruments you use, but above all your mind – all the aspects of it – the conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

As you can gauge, it can reveal so much about you – every line, every curve, every point means something! It can be used to decode your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your belief systems, relationship patterns, health, prosperity, perspective and worldview.

A subtle change in the handwriting, or the way you cross your ‘t’ and ‘f’, can literally bring out a change in personality. As your personality changes, it brings a change in your handwriting, and when you consciously change things in your writing, it has a mirror effect in your personality.

To understand the depths of your psyche, and consciously change dysfunctional patterns through this simple yet effective way, book a session with me. 

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