The Universe is highly conscious, and it speaks in numbers.


Think for a second, about your introduction to the world; your first day on Mother Earth. It was at a specific time as chosen by your Soul, and on a particular alignment of date-month-year. The Universe is highly conscious, and it speaks in numbers. It can be birth, death, anniversaries, mobile numbers, vehicle numbers, house numbers, synchronicities from the angels and even lucky numbers – we can’t get away from numbers!

As a numerologist, I understand these number patterns that unfold in everyone’s life. You would be amazed to know how your date of birth reveals so much about you. All your strengths, weaknesses, potentials, behavioral patterns, emotional mindset, and professional suitability can be known just through your birthday…just imagine how powerful it is!

Each one of us has these unique patterns which are calculated by me in a session. Every planet in the galaxy has its thumbprint or signature which corresponds to a number. Numerology can be a quick, wonderful way to know which planet you are predominantly ruled by and how it affects the way you view the world.

Name Numerology (Analysis/correction): I have worked with clients going through a slump in their business, financial problems, efforts going unnoticed, anger, frustration, rejection which were remedied with a simple change in their name spellings. The science of numerology provides insight into the best possible name for you, which can literally change your life completely!

Book a session with me, to unlock your blueprint, name corrections and divine transformations.

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