“Be cautious about what you state, you may very well get it.”


Words hold so much power, whether we realize it or continue using them without thought. All cultures across the world have ‘blessings’ or ‘curses’, which are intentions expressed through words.

Switchwords are words of power.

They are one-word affirmations which have the ability to bring to you what you desire. They tap into the power of the subconscious mind, which is connected to the Universal Mind.

As you repeat a Switchword over and over, a ripple effect takes place that will pull towards you what you wish to create, depending on the meaning the Switchword has for you. We all know that where attention goes, energy flows. And this is yet another way of operating the Law of Attraction – your thought creates your reality.

Switchwords also make use of energy circles, which as the name tells you, are a circle of energy. What is this energy? Different number frequencies, homeopathic vibrations, color therapy to vibrational healing codes from different modalities as well – very effective and holistic, as you can imagine!

If you want to access the power of Switchwords to create the life of your choice, allow me to assist you in healing your issues by creating these powerful energy circles personalized just for you. 

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