Pendulum Dowsing

Everything is vibration, Dowsing is just a beautiful way of talking to the Universe. 

Pendulum Dowsing..!!

It is not wrong to say that each and every object – right from your body to your favorite book – is made of energy. Each object, place or person carries a certain vibration or frequency, which we may feel to be positive or negative, or even average.

Dowsing goes way back in history as mankind itself, where people used twigs of trees, stones, metal rods, or even their necklaces to get answers and find resources like underground water, oil, minerals and so on.

I use my favorite pendulum which shows me the currents running through your life, and can precisely indicate the level of energy. I can provide readings about your property, health, and overall energy for any area.

It is also a great modality, if you’re looking for precise, to-the-point answers. Should I opt for this course? Should I move abroad now? Am I balanced and healthy? It answers all your Yes and No questions to calm your frazzled nerves.

If you want an accurate response, be sure to make your question as specific as you can. People can, but the pendulum never lies!

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