Vedic Astrology

Nine planets, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve houses of the birth chart, twenty-seven nakshatras! Vedic Astrology..!!

Vedic Astrology originated from our own motherland, and spread to the rest of the world known as Jyotish or the Science of Illumination. Everyone would have seen the quaint little kundali/patrika that the family Panditji refers to during marriages, or makes after a child is born. What if I tell you, this tiny geometric diagram holds information about your entire life – your past, your present, and your future?

Let’s get the word out.

Different permutations and conjunctions of the planets, houses and constellations make our life as beautiful or difficult as it is. Your birth chart is actually your life map, which will guide you whenever you feel lost, or need some clear answers. Since it is unique to you, it will often bring profound insights. In the capacity of an astrologer, I help you navigate through these turbulent currents of life, guiding you with simple mantras, gemstone recommendations, remedies and rituals that you can use to balance out energies that either were present at your time of birth, or due to current planet movements. Auspicious or favorable time periods can also be indicated based on your natal chart. 

I have read numerous charts, and have provided guidance for all areas of life – right from business to spirituality. In the modern day and time, astrology is often used to instill fear in people, but let me remind you that it is not fatalistic; your destiny is not set in stone. You, my dear person, are the one in charge of your life, and with guidance and directed effort can definitely improve or change it!

I would require the Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Exact Time of Birth of the querent, for me to be able to read your birth chart completely and accurately.

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