Twin Tower – The ill-fated name ?

*Twin Tower: The Name that Led to the Massive Fall*
“Astro-Numerological Analysis by Dr Akannksha Sharma”

The world-famous Twin Tower of the USA needs no introduction. Right from its construction as the tallest building of the world, to its absolute destruction, it has always attracted attention and public interest. As part of the several buildings of the World Trade Centre, it stood powerfully as a symbol of globalisation and economic power of the United States. However, 11th September 2001, was the day when the pride of the USA was eclipsed. The fall of the Twin Tower always remains a landmark day in the memory of thousands. It was a direct attack on the very heart of the US mainland, and had catastrophic long-term consequences across the globe. You may wonder why I am bringing this up decades after the destruction. Read on to know the astro-numerological analysis of the Twin Tower, which has implications even today!
For the purpose of my analysis, I have incorporated various forms of numerology and astrology that I have learnt over the years. The universe is built by vibration and frequencies. Hence, our destiny is dictated by the vibration of numbers of our date of birth and our name. To understand the vibrations underlying the Twin Tower and its fate, I have taken the date of birth as available on the internet – 06th August, 1968. As you can note, the birth date of the Twin Tower is number 6. The number six is represented by planet Venus (or Shukra) and this number associated with it, is deemed to be very auspicious. It bestows prosperity, splendour and luxury. Twin Tower was absolutely a personification of number six energies!
Further going deeper into the analysis, the Life Path Number of Twin Tower is number 2 – a number represented by planet Moon. It is the desire to change the world and make it a better place for all. It is also a number of creativity and uniqueness with an artistic bent and the Twin Tower was an artistic marvel. When I did the Name Analysis of the Twin Tower, Its first name is coming to 16/7. This number has the most peculiar occult symbolism – It is pictured by a tower struck by lightning from which a man is falling with a crown on his head. It is also called “the shattered citadel” and it is the Tower card from the Tarot deck. It gives the warning of some ominous events, strange fatalities and the danger of accidents. It is a clear warning sign that one should be very careful. Looking at Vedic system, 16 comes down to 7, which is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is considered as a planet of physical energy, aggression, bravery, anger and warfare. Vedic Jyotish also associates Ketu with violence, hatred and can cause harm to society and mankind.
The Expression Number of the Twin Tower is 40/4. 40 Is a combination of four and zero where four represents planet Rahu. Vedic Jyotish associates Rahu with massive change and revolution. This is how the energy of the Twin Tower gets expressed in the world. In the transit chart of Twin Tower on 9/11/2001, Rahu is aspecting Mars, the planet of warfare and aggression. The result of this is not auspicious, also called the Angarak Dosh, said to give anxiety, accidents, attacks and fire. This is how beautifully numerology and astrology complement each other and both need to be analysed to reach an accurate analysis.

It is very important to take note of the Karmic Lesson Number in the name ‘Twin Tower’, which comes to 3 and 8. Number three represents planet Jupiter, the planet of blessings and abundance. When this number is missing, it results in lack of blessings or lack of any kind of divine intervention. Unfortunately, this manifested in all the lives lost during the attack. There was no divine blessing which could have protected the tower from getting this huge destruction. The next missing number is 8, which represents planet Saturn, very well known as the planet of Karma. It is a planet of stability and support and is related to the fruits of Karma. When this number is missing, the very foundation is shaken up to the core.
Now coming to the most recent episode of the Twin Tower being demolished on Sunday, 28th August, 2022. Located in Noida, India, the 100-metre high Twin Tower saw a similar fate. It never fails to amaze us how the effects of names vibrate through our world. Even though the places differ, the name’s influence remains the same, whether it is Noida or the USA. When the names are similar, the vibrations exuded are almost similar and the fate turned out to be the same – both the Twin Towers saw an epic fall. If we look at the occult imagery, it is very close to the description of the tower being shattered, showing once again how precise and scientific astrology and numerology are. We can use these sciences to connect the dots and use it for our growth, only if we care to observe and dig deeper!

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