“Be cautious about what you state, you may very well get it.”

Words hold so much force, regardless of whether we understand it or keep utilizing them without thought. All societies over the world have ‘endowments’ or ‘condemnations’, which are expectations communicated through words. 

Switch words are seed mantras in English. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there are many mantras that are created with the help of seed mantras e.g. in Ganesh Mantra, ‘Aum Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janamme Vashamanaya Svaha’ is created with seed mantras like shreem, hreem, kleem, etc. All switch words are seed mantras in English.

  • Find, divine, count, done and scheme – These are used to manifest wealth in our lives
  • Together- It is a master switch word that can be spoken prior to any other switch word as it helps focus on your intention
  • Bring – It is the manifestation power word. It can be used alone or with other words to help you bring what you desire in life
  • Love, Rejoice, Divine – Use these words to attract love in your life
  • Adjust – This creates balance and helps handle difficult and unpleasant situations

Switchwords are expressions of intensity. They are one-word affirmations which have the ability to bring to you what you want. They tap into the intensity of the subconscious mind, which is associated with the Universal Mind. 

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