“Each spot has its own knowledge.”

India is a land overflowing with supernatural intelligence – some we know normally, and others that are escaped by individuals who don’t see how to utilize it astutely. Notwithstanding, all the branches are associated with one another, similar to the organs of a body. Eventually everything drives back to the Divine. 

Sun for example is governed by the ruling number 1. Mercury signifying the northern direction has a ruling number 5 while Mars and Saturn relating to South and western directions have ruling numbers 9 and 8 respectively. Just like the four major direction, the other four essential directional coordinates (North east, North west, South East and South West) are also ruled by various planets which are governed by their ruling numbers respectively.

North eastern direction is associated with Jupiter or Ketu which is the south node of the moon. Jupiter is represented by the ruling number 3 while Ketu has a ruling number of 7. South eastern direction is associated with Venus which has a ruling number 6. North West and South west directions are ruled by Moon and Rahu (north node of the moon) respectively. The ruling numbers for moon is 2 and the number 4 represents Rahu

One of the rare-sciences is Vastu-Numerology. Just utilizing numerology or vastu shastra in seclusion can be advantageous however can be much more judicious when applied together. Since vastu shastra places emphasis on heading and numerology gives the basic decision number, vastu and numerology can be adequately utilized together.

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